Implant Restoration

Our Workmanship Guaranteed

Should the unfortunate event arise that one of our dentures would crack or break to include loss/broken tooth/teeth as a result of our manufacturing process, Carolina Dentures will repair at no cost to the patient under the following terms:

  • Signature – 3 years
  • Resilience – 5 years

Further, Carolina Dentures will make adjustments to sore spots created by dentures for the following timeframe post delivery:

  • Premier – 3 months
  • Exclusive – 6 months
  • Signature – 1 year
  • Resilience – 2 years

What is not covered, at no cost, by this Workmanship Guarantee:

  • Remake of denture
  • Reline of denture
  • Normal wear and tear of a denture
  • Neglect or abuse of denture to include accidental drops or mishandling as determined by the office.
  • Any denture that has been altered or repaired from any place or person outside of Carolina Dentures.
  • Any special requests by patient to modify denture by office that will cause denture to not meet minimum specifications.

Further, changes in gums and bones do happen particularly as a result of aging and weight loss which result in a denture that no longer fits as when originally manufactured. Over time, the result is a likely misfitting denture which is not covered by this warranty.

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