Implant Restoration


Single Tooth Implants

I am missing a tooth, what are my options?

Single tooth implants are a great alternative to partials and bridges offering a more natural look and feel. Multiple single tooth implants can be used to hold an implant bridge replacing several consecutive missing teeth. 

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Implant Retained Dentures

How do I get my dentures to stay in?

Implant retained dentures are also called “Snap-in” dentures and offer support and retention superior to traditional dentures. 

How can I get rid of the palate in my upper denture?

Most implant retained dentures allow patients the option to remove the palate to reduce bulk, regain taste or better sense whether food is hot or cold. 

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Implant Retained Denture (Snap-In)

Palateless Upper Denture


Upper & Lower Dental Implants

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