Implant Restoration


Office Consultation

An initial evaluation of the patient and patient's mouth, along with discussion about the patient's goals regarding dentures.  All questions and concerns will be discussed, and options will be presented to the patient.  X-rays are required at this visit.


X-rays are required for a number of reasons beginning with the need to perform a proper examination of the oral structures, which will subsequently allow us to develop a plan and rule out any pathology.  These are typically taken during the initial consultation.  However, if you have recent, legible x-rays from your current general dentist, let us know so that we can have those forwarded prior to your visit. 

Economy Dentures

Our newest edition, the provisional level denture. An alternative-approved denture used in the healing process and short-term recovery period while awaiting a permanent prosthesis. Also, used as a backup denture (included free with our Resilience Denture) when needed to keep you from ever leaving the house without teeth.

Premier Dentures

Our custom and quality made prosthesis for the patient looking for a quality denture at a more economical price. The patient is matched for tooth shape and color based on a facial recognition process that creates an end result that is natural and fitting.  Our higher-end materials used allow for a faster cure time creating the possibility for a same day denture service.  This denture includes try-ins until you are satisfied with look and fit and ready to finalize.

Exclusive Dentures

Geared towards the discerning patient seeking a higher-end product offering an aesthetically pleasing gum line and upgraded tooth setup.   This setup requires more time and finesse from an artistic perspective and is handled only by the senior lab technicians. The end result is a more robust and cleaner finish with greater functionality.  Further, the tooth selection uses a premium grade product creating a result of mastery skills that the talented team at Carolina Dentures is proud to show off.

Signature Dentures

This series allows us to show what decades of denture making experience looks like when combined with the most up to date technology, machinery, and research in the industry. Using a higher  grade heat-injected, impact acrylic allows this series to offer a thinner palate with higher resistance to odor and wear. We've combined this capability with a better selection of wear-resistant teeth, full selection of gingival colors, and signature artwork that makes this denture the most authentic and realistic replacement of teeth we've ever produced!

Immediate Dentures Package

An interim denture placed immediately after tooth extractions that acts as a healing band-aid and "immediate" denture while the mouth heals for 4 to 6 months. Once healing is complete, the interim denture is replaced with our high quality made, Premier Denture, Exclusive Denture, Signature Series. This service also includes all necessary adjustments and manipulations to the denture while the mouth continues to heal for up to 6-12 months.

Resilience Denture

By utilizing the latest FDA approved materials with the strongest resilient materials, this denture completed with a 3D digital process allows more forgiveness through more bends when others would fracture. The end result is less time for the patient to be without a denture through fractures and breaks for the life of the denture. The teeth are milled from a strong dual cross linked puck in a bridge to provide years of toughness without the possibility of tooth pop offs. **NOW includes a free backup 3D printed denture**

Implant-Retained Denture

A special denture that is retained with implants. The “snaps” are internal to the denture creating an enhanced ability to hold/retain the denture.  A patient with an implant-retained denture has the dom to take the denture in or out at anytime.  The listed pricing does not include the  locators which can vary per patient based on need.    

Premier Acrylic Partial

A custom acrylic-based partial created using a facial recognition process matching tooth shape, shade, and facial recognition.

Cast-Metal Partial

A partial connected by a metal framework lining which provides for a great look from the front and a thinner, robust and long lasting hold from the back.  The cast metal is specially made at an external site and the teeth are added after the try-in.  Cast metal frameworks offer a higher comfort and more strength over acrylic-based partials.

Flexible Partial

A partial‏ made out of a flexible, gum-colored material with teeth added to create an appliance that is usually found to be of higher quality and aesthetics over acrylic as well as a metal-free unit.

Extraction Services

For our denture patients, we provide extraction services with immediate package.

Secondary Services

Reline, Repair, Retainers

Priority  - Available on our economy, premier and exclusive dentures.  A non-refundable reservation fee will allow us to dedicate the resources for a fast turn-around denture.

Reline - As the body changes, dentures will need to be periodically adjusted for a proper fit. This service "re-fits" the denture to the new contour of the patient's mouth.

Repairs - With our on-site lab, if repairable, we are able to repair your denture or partial for you with quick turn-around service. This includes adding or replacing a tooth on an existing partial. 

Retainer - A custom fit temporary retainer is used to fill in missing teeth. This is commonly used as a temporary device used to fill in gaps created by extracted teeth until the patient has healed enough for a permanent partial.

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