Premier Upper Denture

Patient had dentures over 10 years old and recently broke another tooth.  Because she works with the public, she came to Carolina Dentures to see if we could repair the tooth.  She ended up choosing a new premier denture.  


Premier Upper Denture

Premier upper denture. Patient was looking for an authentic look that would allow chewing as well as fill in the missing voids of the upper arch.  Very pleased with the added symmetry of the upper lip and facial features!

Dentures Signature Before1.png
Dentures Signature After1.png

Upper Signature Denture

Patient had major pain and sensitivity with his existing upper teeth. Patient reported working with the public and desired an appealing smile. Patient selected the Immediate Maxillary Signature package, and was very pleased with how well his final upper Signature blended with his lower teeth. Pt was ecstatic with his new, natural smile!

Dentures Signature Before2.png
Dentures Signature After2.jpg

Upper and Lower Signature Denture

Patient had his previous dentures for 2-3 years before concluding they needed to be relined. Patient was not happy with his previous set, and elected to just have a new set made. Ultimately patient reported removing his existing dentures each time he would eat due to ill fit and high levels of discomfort. Patient desired a smile that would be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Patient selected the maxillary and mandibular Signature package for the intricate details, artistry, and thin design. Patient was beyond pleased with his out come and even reports eating with them in public with them in place!

Dentures Exclusive Before1.jpg
Dentures Exclusive After1.jpg

Upper and Lower Exclusive Denture

Patient reported having her current set for 13 years and being unsatisfied with the aesthetics of her current set. Patient stated that her lips needed more support. Further, her existing teeth were worn and discolored. Patient was assured we could fix these aesthetic concerns. Patient was pleased with the outcome as they were thinner than she had anticipated, and they filled out her lips. Patient also felt that she had some youthfulness restored to her appearance.